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Questions about tickets

Which reductions are valid on the Glacier Express valid?

The listed reductions are also valid on the Glacier Express.

    • GA Travelcard
      unlimited travel
    • Half Fare Travelcard
      Half fare
    • 1-day Travel Pass for the half fare card, 1-day travel pass issued by the local commune, 1-day travel pass for children
      unlimited travel
    • Junior Travelcard, Child travelcard, Family Card Swiss Travel System
      unlimited travel
    • Children 6-15.99 years
      Half fare
    • Swiss Transfer Ticket
      free on Transferdays
    • Swiss Half Fare Card
      Half fare
    • Swiss Travel Pass, Swiss Travel Pass Flex Combi, Swiss Travel Pass Youth und Youth Flex
      unlimited travel
    • Eurailpass
      unlimited travel
    • Interrail
      unlimited travel

How can I purchase a ticket if I am already in posses of a seat reservation?

Tickets can only be purchased online 6 months in advance. Six months prior to departure, the tickets can be purchased under the following link "Timetable and ticketing ".

I already have a reservation but no ticket yet. Will my seats still be reserved or will my booking be released?

The reservation remains valid even without a ticket. You must show a valid ticket for your reservation on the train at the latest. You have the option of buying tickets at the ticket counter or ticket machine 2 months in advance. It is also possible to buy tickets online.


What refund conditions apply to tickets?

The refund conditions can be found at the following link: "Refund"

How can I buy an online-ticket for my child under 6 years?

Children under 6 years of age do not need a public transport ticket, they travel free of charge. Additional regulations apply for journeys on the Glacier Express, see chapter Seat Reservations.

Questions about seat reservation

I already have a valid ticket. How do I make a reservation without paying for the ticket again?

You can make your reservation conveniently in our Webshop. Initially, the total amount for the ticket and reservation will be shown to you. At a later booking stage, when asked to fill in the passenger's details, you have the option to select "reservation only" under Ticket/Refund.

What refund conditions apply to seat reservations?

Online seat reservations cannot be changed or cancelled according to the general terms and conditions. Exceptions can be found here.

Why can't I select my desired travel date?

The requested date is outside the bookable period. Reservations for Glacier Express in 1st and 2nd class can be made at the earliest 93 days in advance. The Excellence Class on Glacier Express can be booked online for the entire timetable period.

Do children have to reserve a seat as well?

Children under 6 years travel free of charge without entitlement to their own seat. If your child would like their own seat, which is highly recommended on a full train, a reservation must also be made. Select "Reservation only" under Ticket/Reduction in the "Passengers" step of the booking process. Children from 6 to 15.99 years must have a seat reservation. The supplement for the seat reservation is payable in full for all. Please note: In the Excellence Class of the Glacier Express, a seat reservation is also required for children aged 0 to 6.

How can I book seat in the direction of travel or on a specific side?

The direction of travel of the carriages is not known, as the carriages can be attached to the train in both directions. When booking for more than one person, we recommend reserving opposite seats.

I did not receive a confirmation e-mail with my travel documents.

Please check the spam folder of your e-mail inbox. If you have not received an e-mail with you travel documents, please contact our Railservice / +41 81 288 65 65.

My booking was aborted but my credit card was charged; how do I proceed?

Please send an e-mail to with the following information:

    • Which credit card number was charged? (Indicate cardholder as well as the last 4 digits of the credit card number)

    • What amount in CHF was charged?

    • At what time was the card charged? (Date and time, as exact as possible)

We will check the credit card charges and, if it is unjustified, credit the amount back to your credit card.

Further questions about the offer or booking

Do I have do book/reserve food in advance?

If you would like to have the dish of the day or the 3-course menu, then a reservation is obligatory. You can make this reservation together with the seat reservation or up to one day before the trip at or by telephone on +41 (0)81 300 15 15. The meals are freshly prepared on board and at your seat served.

How do I make a reservation as a wheelchair user?

Please contact our Railservice. Phone +41 81 288 65 65 or e-mail

Are dogs permitted?

On the Glacier Express dogs are not permitted due to the hygiene rules of catering on Glacier Express.