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Traffic Information

Update 24.06.2024 / 19:00 h

Due to the exceptional weather and flooding situation in the Mattertal and Zermatt, the continuous line between Visp and Täsch below Zermatt will remain closed until at least the end of next week (CW26).

All Glacier Express trains will run exclusively between St. Moritz and Brig until the line is opened. For Glacier Express travelers from/to Zermatt, an appropriate alternative transport service is in operation in an extra train from Zermatt to Täsch and separate buses between Täsch and Brig. Guests affected will be informed directly by Railservice Glacier Express as soon as possible.

For departures from Zermatt, we recommend that you arrive at Zermatt station half an hour before the regular departure time. 

If you have already booked for the time in question and decide not to take the Glacier Express journey as planned, you can also have the cancellation of the booking confirmed on your tickets at the departure station, in which case we can refund the price of confirmed tickets and reservations.

For refund requests, please contact our customer service directly.