Glacier Express


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    • Half-price travel with the Half-Fare travel card or Swiss Half-Fare Card.
    • GA travel card, Swiss Travel Pass and day passes are valid. Eurail pass and Interrail passes from 1 January 2017
    • Children under 6 years: free
    • From 6 to 16 years: 50% discount.
    • With the Junior Card, children under the age of 16 accompanied by a parent travel for free. 
    • A surcharge is payable for the Glacier Express


Route 2. Classe (CHF) 1. Classe (CHF)
St. Moritz - Zermatt 159.00 272.00
Davos - Zermatt (via Filisur) 152.00 260.00
Chur - Zermatt 124.00 212.00
St. Moritz - Brig 119.00 204.00
St. Moritz - Andermatt 88.00 150.40
Chur - Brig 84.00 144.00
Andermatt - Zermatt 77.00 131.00

Seat reservation fees

The seat reservation is obligatory and will be levied on anyone travelling by the Glacier Express. The fee must be paid in full by all passengers, including children and ohters holding discount travel passes. This does not apply to children under six who do not require a seat. How ever we strongly recommend to reserve a seat for long trips. In the Excellence Class, a seat reservation is mandatory for every traveler, regardless of age. Holders of all TCV and Eurail passes must also pay the fee.

Offer Price (CHF)
Short journeys 1. & 2. Klasse (CHF) 44.00
Long journeys 1. & 2. Klasse (CHF) 49.00
Excellence Class (CHF) 470.00